BLACK XPRESSION is a community-based platform created in order to "Xpress" what individuals are passionate about through poetry, art, and spoken word. BLACK XPRESSION hosts a weekly open mic forum that is community focused, blending Afro-centric consciousness with Friday night turn up vibes and a dash of family cook out.

Oasis Clubhouse

The Oasis Clubhouse provides a safe, positive, and dynamic environment where Transitional Age Youth (TAY) can learn valuable skills, give and receive support, connect with peers who have similar life experiences, and have fun! At The Oasis Clubhouse, members are supported in identifying and utilizing individual strengths, talents, abilities, and interests.


Pathways is one of the largest providers of accessible behavioral and mental health services in the United States. For over 20 years, Pathways has provided behavioral health services and support for children, adults and families.  Their telehealth, home, school, community-based and workplace services are all tailored to address each client’s individual needs and strengths.


San Diego Youth Services

San Diego Youth Services offers a continuum of care for children and youth from infancy to age 25. Their goals are to meet the basic needs of youth, create positive connections, help youth develop life skills, and promote overall health and well-being.  

United Women of East Africa

United Women of East Africa's (UWEA) vision is to interactively build communities where East African Women are actively involved in their health, education, and betterment. UWEA envisions

an empowered East African Woman who is an influence to her family and community.